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Genuinely Me

by Megrov

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Donk 04:19
Going Crazy 03:13
Jacking Off 05:14
Holy Moley 03:55
megrov's murderous manifestations maniacally manglin many mentally measured maken'em meander meekly mind muddled! mafuckin medulla made mediocre ma multidimensional mumblins murders! me mutterins mystical mutate muzzy mysteries make'm mo magical magotty mimickin myna's mock ma musical myriads mash, mosh , mush, must manifest moods morale mucker mafucka! my music's moreish maybe morbid macrocosmic makes madames madden mayne ma machete's marginally macerate majestics ma methods masses'a meat malmasticated ma mandible's mastery made maladjusted malevolent meaningless majority meet me melody maliciously! quick tryna fuck with me! CH holy moley i'm so crazy yes im so crazy so so crazy holy moley i'm so crazy yes im so crazy its fuckin great, mayne! CH start stressin sNkRz start sprayin splinters silly stupid shitty stereotypical sterile stuckup stonedeaf shitfaces stop dead & stick stout sticks somewhere shitty, smell me? stop stressin sNkRz start singin semipraisin secular songs signifiying sNkRz'z sedition's successfully sedimented! sexy seductress struts selectively spreadin sexuality seducin me singulary! sexy sedative suckin skillz so stately see sNkRz status shifta st st st stasis! s-s-s-stutter'n'stammer stifile sNkRz neva! stick a steel submarine in yo d i show substantial substance it substantiates snkrz' state to be the Hip Hop Shiekh! & i'm Slovak mayne so watchu gon' do bout it? huh what? whatchu gon' do? just turn around & say Holy Moley! CH relliK ready'n'racy radiating realisticly reputable rehabilitating repositories of reprehensable recitations representations readily remembered right on! real rhinocerious rough'n'rocky rips regional rappaz really rusty, rheumatic, wreckless relliK reckoninz'ey relyin'on Rap recidivists!! reject rappaz reasses'n'recede recheck ya recipe relieve rap's recessions, please! relliK rapedcha renounce renderin rap, release! rellik'sa renegade richly rhytmic richter raps raped rappaz rotten robotic recitors, rushin rustic raps rapin d revival of rap! & that's a wrap yuh! CH
Riot 04:57
Hustle 04:18
Change 03:25
Genuinely Me 05:18


First album/EP. Just a little something to get to know me.


released April 13, 2012

Mixing & Mastering: Naimat Ahmed.
Recorded: Sal Productionz.
Cover Art: Abdu AK
Lyrics: megrov aka sNkRz aka relliK
Instrumentals: megrov aka sNkRz aka relliK
Performed by: megrov aka sNkRz aka relliK




Megrov Piestany, Slovakia

Biele Zlato
Hrdý Slovan
DJ-Euroskeptik-Hudobný Producent-Novinár-Posilka-Tetovanie-Knihy-Politika-Zbrane-Memes
Sloboda a Sláva

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