Genuinely Me

by megrov

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First album/EP. Just a little something to get to know me. Lyrics included!


released April 13, 2012

Mixing & Mastering: Naimat Ahmed.
Recorded: Sal Productionz.
Cover Art: Abdu AK
Lyrics: Majid I. S. aka megrov aka sNkRz aka relliK
Instrumentals: Majid I. S. aka megrov aka sNkRz aka relliK
Performed by: Majid I. S. aka megrov aka sNkRz aka relliK




megrov Piestany, Slovakia

Proud #Slav.🇸🇰#Slovak from Piešťany
#DJ #Eurosceptic #LSNS #Producer #Journalist
Into #Fitness #Tattoos #Books #Guns & #Politics
#Music On Spotify

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Track Name: Donk
call me a bootyologist
i love me a plump booty bitch
they get me gaga bitches
i like'm more dan breastszsz

hell yea
you gotta have breasts too
b cups & above are supa dupa wonderful

i luv da thick, plump, gluteus!
she got a great big maximus
conquer it like im julius
how do u expect me to handle maself?

wanna rub her till our colors switch!
its torturous
wen me just sit & watch her hips switch
lickin her lips
twerkin dat shit

imma full pack rat
gimme a great big ass
covered up
imma disect her cover up
& grab her butt
squeeze it hard
i admire da booty lard
baby got a big donk
i'm gonna smack it real hard!

shake it
jiggle it
twerk it
pop it
bare it
lemme wear it
stare at it
make it a habit yoX2

i like dat donk baby! X4

come on ova here & lemme eatchu up! X2

me goin dumb dumb
like a doe doe
her low pros
so dow-low
yo yo!
can nothin distract me
when she's cleanin da floor

with her crotch
thinkin 2 maself
jus come ova here chikca
& lemme....aaaaw!

how did she fittem into dose jeans?
are those jeans?
they lookin so lean
make dat donk look mean!
she must be wearin paint mayne

dats da only explanation
to those creases
o jeez, uh
she can put a stop to a whole nation

her fashion sense
got me cranin since
she passed me 3 secondz ago
for a peek at dat donk
dwayum hun
i seen dat big mafucka right from da front
watta donk
ma homies be tellin me 2 chill
fuck it
heel bitch!


i love it wen mamasita
wears a dress & comes out 2 meet up
dat donk look like her friend tryna reach her
i love da way dat pizza goin rite behind her chocha!
big plump rump i wanna bump while she slump

i wanna get her donk over here
shake dat thong off her daireair
watch her swish her hair
while her booty be bare
shakin dat there
all on ma face
all on ma chest
all on ma lap
all on ma dick
beggin me 2 grab'em & smackem real quick!

i smack'em
i attack'em
for ransom

they bigga dan ma hands mayne
so i will qualify dem
as A+ grade ass mayne

she like my lacrosse stick
play with it like a stick shift
o shit
hocus pocus
she like dat shit

now i wanna get to suckin on her firm but not so humongous tits!
o shit!
i just jizzed!
mayne, not again!

Track Name: This Kind of Love
i ain
but i

This kind of love
got me twisted

This kind of love
is so special

This kind of love
got me wreckless

This kind of love X2

hey shawty
oh Lordy
u makin me feel well
really naughty

u know i love ya body
love da way u talkin
love da way u thinkin
love da way u dressin

lets make love
i know we gotta get married first
but hold on
lemme explain da sentence 2 ya first

wat i mean to mean is not to be mean
but jeez louise
i cant help ma brainz

i wanna get 2 know ya
read sumtin witcha
talk about our future
whats goin on in ya head

thoughts unspoken
need to be said
released from ya head
positively, controllin me like we playin a ouji board

i dont know whatz goin on!
looki looki
holdin each other in our arms
sleep in urs till da breaka dawn
so strong
is what u whispered in me ears when we awoke, no tears


yo, hey, ho, wait, o
its so great dat i ain got 2 carry weight
on ma chest babe u got all dat i like
dyke right above that thang
got me goin crazy
enraged me
destabled me
enable me
to grab dat tushy
no pushy
i like it raw
dat pussy
those boobies
but u see
& u say
no way Joze
it ain about u gettin paid
if u wanna get laid
gotta hook each other up with da old ball & chain
ain't gonna die an old maid
i tell u lil lady
u crazy
hey, i love u that way!
so enslave me!


full of bounty & wonderful
your love it fills me up full
rekindle me mental
hearts pumpin
cuz we lovin
the way we lovin
each other
lil miss muffin
you nothin but trouble

u call me 2 meetcha
i do it quick on da double
2 get 2u no trouble
to be witcha
lemme be real humble
i love that u dont need a diamond chain around ma neck
so dis ain a trap

with me when i was broke
with me when i choked
with me stayed with me like we was bobby & whitne---
i mean, u know wat i mean when i say it & i mean it when i say it
ain got 2 spray it
u dig it
u love it
u want it
togetha forever like dead spirits & da haunted!
lil mama

you know I love you shawty, you're a colorful butterfly in this dull cage I got you in. Remind me to feed you later.
Track Name: Going Crazy
if you at
my party
don't be cool
everybody move

chiccaz shake that - donk
make fellaz say - yum
shake that thang - woah
like iphone - games

fellaz make ya move if she walk in alone
tell her she fly like cheech & chong
if she look at you & then say whaa?
tell her "bring ur tits between ma jaws!"

b boyz break - moves so crazy
seein her shake - makes me crazy
take ma hand - into ur panniz
let me grab - ur ass & chocha

we set off tha partay
like we drunk off drankin sumtin
but we ain drinkin alcohol
just soda water cocacola
bring ur back towards ma belly & shake it mami in that mini!
grab that tushy u cant push me
cuz another girly wants me!

jump around go crazy we ain gotta know no dance moves hear me
i grab ma petite little lady & we goin crazy crazy!
whether we be in a car in a room in a club
put some dope ass music with a dope ass rapper rappin on it
we be goin crazy we be goin crazy crazy crazy!
we be goin crazy we be goin crazy crazy crazy!
we be goin crazy we be goin crazy crazy crazy!
u crazy in a party, u neva feelin lonley!!!

move it shake it all on me naked
hold up o shit dis ain a fuck song!

jump around - jump!
quit feelin wierd - yea!
just feel strange - that
u singular - uno

listen to me - i hypnotize thee!
feel the beat - u goin crazy
free your mind - the rest will follow
clap goes hands - u goin crazy

feel the music
dont it make you feel like you been missin out on goin crazy goin wild goin shaky achey breaky
quit it with the standin over there
actin like you ain neva breakin
i broke & i'm a definition of a tuff bloke!


ladies & gentlemen you have just entered the realm the crazy psycho party animal
so you gotta be a crazy psycho party animal too
what you gonna do when everybody goin crazy psycho round you?
jumping movin crowd surfin head bangin shake juntin 2 steppin
i laugh cuz i enjoy myself in this crazy environment, mayne, yea!

take that girl - make her shake it
take that mayne - let him feel it
do yo thang - till you sweatin
hey lil kids - act your age

bang this song right out your trunk start goin crazy zaney insainy & crunkin in the street until u fall asleep like little babies
or just grab your wifey & do it like doin it for a baby cuz my music be makin everybody go crazy!

Track Name: Jacking Off
thinking of warm vaseline in ma hand, mayne
oh wat a feelin, its o so grand, mayne
when i put ma hands on my bigelow bam bamm
& go wham wham until i jizz on ma hand-damn!
why'd i dat?
"its only natural i do that"
but i wanna feel puddy fat on my little mayne
fuck a dick hat, get it raw like fruits mayne

hit da toilet with a porno video
pix of pretty hoes
big booty, black, white, chingy & latina
in my celly yo
picture slideshow
zoom into dat puddy cat
oo! wait, stop i wanna that bootyfat!
how da fuck do i stop this slideshow & put da damn thing back!

so frustrated with technology!
gotta learn how to break that proxy
so i can get some internet pussy!
& boobies & nice big round booties!
so i can jack off in da can mayne
i know its bad that i do it mayne
but i cant help it, women are too pretty
& i'm a virgin, frustrated i am!

ahh..ok, i got it now
press this little button here &...aahhh
o shit!
my celly done slipped
damn vaseline on ma hand
now its in da can
restin in piss with pieces of shit
should i get it or leave it
fuck it
i'll just remember dat last nipple slip &..

jackin off/masterbater
cant get off/ i got no pictures

i want puddy/i want tushy
i want boobies/i want girly!

aww fuck it/use ma hand & rub it
slow motion dat porno shit/bitch get naked so i can tug it

just shaved ma balls
just shaved ma dick
just shaved ma ass
just flushed ma shit!
just feelin a little horny now cuz i just shaved ma dick, shit
fuck it, i can control maself
see, how im behavin maself
watch some tv
oh goodness me
wat do i see! hey! heee!

gurls be twerkin it
shakin it
jerkin it
in a parkin lot
i think its a rerun of sir-mix-a-lot's
put'em on the glass
that shit was hot & is still hot
talkin bout hot
ma dick standin up
tryna get a peek
one eyed willy
please get down & go 2 sleep
i dont wanna masterbate
please, please, why wont u relate?
it is a sin, it is a sin, conscience causin a din!
aw fuck it!
kleenex & creme de la creme
knock on tha door like a coppa
im comin for ur ass lil mama
shiit, i just jizzed
not again!


naked ladies
black white asian
latina booties
i like b-cup boobies

i love big ass booties
prefer dark nipples
she can be chubby
take off your undiez

i'm talkin 2 da porno vid!
parents out & i'm naked
tryna watch dat pussy eatin bitch eat another bitch
i prefer porno wit no dicks
i prefer colored ova white chicks
i prefer.. wat do i prefer?
i prefer to have her suckin ma dick!!

but i can't get that shit done
i'm a virgin till i'm married man
so i guess ma only option in this
is to witness
female crotches
& boobies bouncin
me arousin
so outstoundin
o shit mayne
i just jizzed mayne
on ma keyboard damn
throw it or donate it

Track Name: Holy Moley
megrov's murderous manifestations
maniacally manglin
many mentally measured
maken'em meander meekly

mind muddled!
medulla made mediocre
ma multidimensional mumblins murders!

me mutterins mystical
mutate muzzy mysteries
make'm mo magical
magotty mimickin myna's mock

ma musical myriads mash, mosh , mush, must
manifest moods

morale mucker
my music's moreish
maybe morbid

makes madames madden
mayne ma machete's marginally macerate
majestics ma methods

masses'a meat malmasticated
ma mandible's mastery made maladjusted
malevolent meaningless majority meet me melody maliciously!
quick tryna fuck with me!

holy moley i'm so crazy
yes im so crazy
so so crazy
holy moley i'm so crazy
yes im so crazy
its fuckin great, mayne!

start stressin sNkRz
start sprayin splinters
silly stupid shitty stereotypical
sterile stuckup stonedeaf shitfaces
stop dead & stick stout sticks somewhere shitty, smell me?

stop stressin sNkRz
start singin
secular songs
signifiying sNkRz'z sedition's successfully sedimented!

sexy seductress
struts selectively
spreadin sexuality
seducin me singulary!

sexy sedative
suckin skillz so stately
see sNkRz status shifta st st st stasis!

stifile sNkRz neva!
stick a steel submarine in yo d

i show substantial substance
it substantiates snkrz' state to be the Hip Hop Shiekh!

& i'm Slovak mayne
so watchu gon' do bout it?
huh what?
whatchu gon' do?
just turn around & say Holy Moley!


repositories of
readily remembered
right on!

real rhinocerious
rough'n'rocky rips
regional rappaz really rusty, rheumatic, wreckless
relliK reckoninz'ey relyin'on Rap recidivists!!

reject rappaz reasses'n'recede
recheck ya recipe
relieve rap's recessions, please!
relliK rapedcha
renounce renderin rap, release!

rellik'sa renegade
richly rhytmic richter raps
raped rappaz
rotten robotic recitors,
rushin rustic raps
rapin d revival of rap!
& that's a wrap

Track Name: I Don't Dance
i don't dance mayne
i just chill with the DJ when i'm at the club
if i'm ever at the fuckin' club mayne!

you sweatin on da dancefloor
while i got ma hands pocketed
standin' tough lyk im rambo
after he fired a rocket
i'm here to chill & order redbulls with coke & grenadine
& listen to Codez, Ramli & Hiddy mayne!

mixin it mashin it
hittin it up with the classic
im here to enjoy the music bein played
no dancin
no other M.O. mayne
betta understaynd
behind these sukka dukkaz ain gotta eye da lames

drunk dames & flames
they disgust me mayne
& i say u suck at that dance
lyk soulja boi
ain got no

so i sit in da booth & i
laugh at you
silly & annoyin like
get outta ma face
i ain eyin you!

rare to find me at a club
here to support the DJs spinnin up

i don't dance
i don't two step
don't flash a chain
don't let it fool ya
sukka dukkaz on me mayne
so i look past ya
i dont dance, mayne i dont dance, yuh!

i don't dance, mayne i dont dance, yuh! X4


pants hang below my waistline
i ain gonna waste time
tryin see how i'd look like
in skinny jeans aiyt
d shit looks funni on chix
so why gay dicks wearin that shits?

tell you one thing though
bootys & thongs galore
so thank you ladiez for the silly jeanz yo
lemme stop right there
this be ma no dance song
unlyk da thoi thoi thoi thoi thong song

got nuthin against u if u dance
go ahead & prance
i dont give a damn
as long as u got moves mayne
& ain drunk as a skunk soon layin dead under a trunk
unga lunga funga lunga lunga unk

i dont dance,
& i barely 2 step
dont let dis beat fool ya
its a no dance promota
quit struttin like u amazin mayne
you just a chump
put on some manly jeans
or get away from here & shut up

Track Name: Riot
Riot in this mafucka!
Fuck that fuck up!
Fuck that bitch up!
Fuck that nigga!
Fuck that kracca!

U crazy mafuckaz!
Dont do it quiet!
Be crazy mafuckaz!

Fuck that fuck up!
Fuck that bitch up!
Fuck that nigga!
Fuck that kracca!

Fuck that mafuckin mafucka lookin @cha
Like u showin ur crotch uh!
Show dat fuckin gay he gotta glass jaw
Break it up like a majik triq gone wrong!

If dat bitch belittlin u
U betta be lettin’em know
No chances on hold
Hold’em by day backa they head, & kraq they fuckin cranium wit a blunt weapon! Ya dig! Make’m dead!

Geta switchblade
2 fuck da bitchmade
Said they want 2 fuck ya
Watchu gone do bout it?
Get rowdy & riot!
Kutt dat mafuckaz fat like a bitch on a diet

Red on da floor, red on the whore
Red on her gay mayne, red on da door
Red on da ceilin’
Red in da buildin!
Ready 4 killin?
Ready 2 be sinnin?

I said!
Ready 2 start fightin & killin, murderin, shootin, knifing, jackin, harassin, irkin & hurtin dat mafucka?!
Cuz u bin listenin 2 ma crazy ravingz 2 make u cravin for a bloody haven like satan!


If they pushin & shoving!
Or they bitchin & cussin!
Or they dissin & runnin!
then I ordaain dat u start makin’em bleed liberally
their ways with u will cost dem significantly

& if u fast enuf like droppin a hot gun!
Cut they wrist laterally
Quick enuf so day bleed royal blood! See!

before they can say “wat da fuck?”
U gotta have dat
in a headlock
Face all mashed up
Ass mo’ cracked up
Tore a new hole for’em 2 crap from
Damn son

It won’t b 1 they'd like for they spouse 2 fiddle with!
B4 day sexin & flexin
U digg?
No u can’t!

& If ur boss manipulate u
To work with no appreciatin
Da work u put in with patience
Fuckem up

Leave’m 2 be found half dead the next day by their next-of-kin
Follow’em 2 da hospital & stick a catheter up their urinal tract & den
a deadly concoction


If your bitch be twerkin with a mafucka
& that mafucka
Ain u
then mafucka u betta break that mafuckaz back up
shove ur fist in his mouth & break his jaw

Pull out his tung
Stuff it in his asshole
like chickin stuffin
pull out sum giblets too!
beat yo bitch up!
Take her back 2 ur place
& tie her up

So she kneelin doggy for ya
Shove ur dick right up her butt
Wat da fuck!?
Fuck her up
till the slut cum blood
then chop her head off!

& ladies if ur mayne be cheatin on ya
Pull a serial on’em

Treat him to dinner
lace his food with sum paint tinner
Poison the mafucker
Call him a looser
Smile @ his face when he starts 2 faint
he regains con-scious-ness

tie him up & muffle him up
grab a hold of his penis
Stick it in a bottle filled with inflammables
Make him hot
to blow up
like Pompeii-yah
watch him hurtin up, hah!

as he starts beggin
burn that mafucka up
send a video 2 da slut he fucked
after he stuck his prick up in ur gutz
then kidnap ha
& slit ha tits, nipples, wrists
& pussy lips

Track Name: Hustle

hate wakin up
straightenin up
to wash up
& dress up
to get ma ass out da door
walk 2 ma car
& drive 2 work

a 9 to 5
its a daily grind
what can i do
stay positive
all i can do is pray to HIM
& do ma best

i work a sweat
for some cash in da bank
which da rotten ass bank used to take away cuz of a loan i had to take
cuz ma family got to a bad state
i know so many of u can relate

i got no college education
so i gotta be patient
Thank You The Greatest
thanks mom & dad
for your patience
& payments for ma education
but i'm impatient
& cant face this
daily bullshit

i want big money
mo money mo problems
was made by a faggot
who dont know bullshit
bout livin knee deep in all dis shit
no choice i guess
but to keep bangin hit after hit
im gonna make me rich
i wanna make it, shiit

i wanna make big money

so i can live one hunnid!

i hustle hard
to stack money!

i hustle smart
to live easy!

excuse me if ma anger
seeps & leaks out ma music
i ain a stranger to da hardknock life
almost evicted, weeks on end with no water or electric basics
hated it, made me negative & lets face it

if i had a passport that made me an American or English citizen
i'd be workin a 9 to 5 earnin an easy million
while i be dumber than a cow
what da fuck is up with that huh?

is what i wanted to do
but now dat im grown
i know wat i gotta do
be smart & put maself up
carry the others around me
up high so we make it
livin selfishly
will cost me
o so dearly

eyes are weary
no longer teary
cuz i dried my tears real early
as a young one at 12 or 13
dont look at ma white skin
& imagine villa's
& JBR apartments
1 bedroom
7 members
who da fuck r u to judge me fool!


i wanna make big money
so i can live one hunnid!
i hustle hard
to stack money!
i hustle smart
to live easy!
i know i'm gonna make it
just wait & see, ok bitches

i'm gonna treat ma family
with a trip around the world
hope they like the color blue
cuz that's all they'll see on that cruise
then when they back
pack'em up & send'em off
to a mansion
with servants
no more dealin with slitherin serpants
& for my baby girl
the whole world is an open door to her
educate maself
& get home boys outta da dumps
shoulders no longer slumped
all of us livin large
helpin others out da dumps
that's why

Track Name: Change
look at that gurl with the beautiful face
wide eyes
thick thighs
long hair
sweet smile

but behind that facade
her eyes emittin pain
what can i do
what can i say

she's stuck on the streets
tryna make a buck
for that fuck of a pimp
i don't understand it

treatin this chick
with silky skin
like a commodity
aww shit.

where the coppers at
when u need them mayne
instead they be chasin bruthaz down

for no reason
this chick's stuck here till she pays'em
where her parents at
can't believe that

so many questions
so much pain
prayin for everyone
that blessins rain on'em

she can do better
wish i could help her
lady keep ya head up
runaway for ur better

i wanna see change
hoping they can find a way
to make it

then you got the type
who do this every night
but she ain' pimped
she need to eat & live aiyt

low payin jobs
at home a sick mom
daddy's dead
pussy game's all she know's

couldnt afford to pay medical bills
so she strayed
cryin every night under the weight & odor of a slob
layin there thinking back to when she was daddy's lil baby

wishin her education
would take her out
but the need to feed
the want to please
herself indeed
her mom thinkin she workin
doesn't know she whorin'

i see her pain
i want it to change
pray she finds a way outta this mayne
wish i could offer a helpin hand
cuz all we need is change mayne


then you got the type who got it all
dont deserve sympathy
but a slap across the face
the gold-diggin type
different beds every night!

pornstar lady
girlfriend to you maybe
bootycall for ma homies she be
that bitch be houndin
lookin for clothes & a home,
have her twat hit hard

she could be whorin
could be workin
mos def sluttin
one leg out ther door when she get a bigga dick or a wad of dough
Watchu u think homes? huh?

this nasty sista
need to be educated b
taken out the dump
& shown the light
& if she ain changed
an eternity of devil's nights, damned

Track Name: Genuinely Me
as a pre-teen
i was
left alone wit ma mom
one night extended to maybe a month
stuck in a rut
like car in da mud
dad got caught up in some bull shit

jailed for what?
bounced checks
not payin da rent
hear ye hear ye
if i was allowed in ma capacity
i'da cut throats & lashed backs
at doze who slashed at us like cut throats

if i crack & croak in dis song
its only becuase my emotions have gone outta control
tears along ma face
no more can i cry now
cuz i laid da weakling in me to rest

i must confess
the pain was just
too much to bear
built up da stress
resources stretched
it was tuff 2 to jus be a kid & go thru dat shit
i wish i had a better life, sheesh

but then again
it may have not made me what i am
its ma time
to make it
take it by da horns
imma pull it off
ma raps bout 2 bubble
& i'm in trouble
of gettin rich

i'd like dat for real
get paid offa shows
performin to throngs
repeatin ma words
live a life i want
that's what i want
off with da heads of those who messed wit me before
death 2 my foes!

this be genuinely me
i've got 2 let u know about me
i had suffered thru so much
now its all about positivty
although i got dis anger in me
& madness still controls me
i use da darkness to get me up there
this be genuinely me

wat do u do wen u cant pay d rent
& d apartment u fightin 4
ain worth it
7 family members
1 bathroom 1 toilet
1 bedroom
sleepin on da floors
bills & loans

leave me alone
i scream in ma head
wish i was dead
aint been 2 college
couldnt afford it
stuck in low-paid jobs
oh ma GOD
pray to ALLAH

do shit smart
after all this huh
do u expect me 2 be sane?
have you lived with no electricity for weeks
got your attention now you meeks?
heed the words i speak

i lived thru shit most people wouldnt go thru it
make u suicidal
pop mental pills does my mom
that's some sorry shit huh?

saw spirits & shadows
as a young buck
that's fucked up
the meaning i dont know
but i hope the Almighty got sumtin good in store 4 me
after im laid to rest

forgive me everybody

ain a lost soul
i guess dis is a test to see what i'd do at my worst
& ma best
but when's d best comin?
i've had it with d bullshit


is defined as mental sufferin or distress
i paint
you a picture with my utternace, that i confess
barely the life that i led
in vain
may be ma prayers cuz ma life is spiced with drama
& i dont like
u heard me? i mustn't say these things, shit

bein white & quiet entailed me to live a life like a pointless riot
violent is wat i've become
shoot u with my tongue
sticks & stones may break ur bones
but ma words are like a blunt edge to ur skull

i'mma fuck u up
is d message i give to those, my foes, who fucked with me what felt like an eternity
stressed me
how much more did u expect me 2 take b?

with all this drama at home
sometimes i wander the streets alone
silent is ma phone
all alone
wonderin how i can condone ur actions
& stop reactin

& ask ALLAH to bless me
prayer marks on ma forehead & knees
help me out please
in this life & death give me ease...
The One & Only
forgive me again, please
give me peace!

Track Name: megrov featuring Hopsin - Beasts
megrov, your psycho Slavic beast in the MIddle East, reppin Dubai
Featuring Hopsin, the beast from the West Coast
Let's go!

Verse 1: megrov

Mafuckaz made fun of me
When I was younga
Mom & Dad got broke
& we suffered through hunger
Built up the negativity in me
Increased my anger
I had locked up in me hatred
Then one day
Just like that
My mind snapped
I was like fuck that
Used to know me
Now you don't
I flipped 180
Something acrobatic
& I’m not gonna be discreet about it
Like David Berkowitz
I demand respect from ya
Fuck your love mafucka
Build fear in ya
Like seein' the claws of a hungry bear
Comin' at your face
I’m a mafuckin beast
Murkin this beat
I sound street
Hustlin' for money
Workin' on beats & lyrics
I’m a fucking creep
Creepin up ahead of ya
Stick it up in front of ya
Laughing atcha
I'm a beast
Hopsin & megrov leave ya deaded
Don’t you forget it

CH : Hopsin

It ain't that hard
To see that
I'm a beast
You niggaz
Wish you could get with my
Na na Na na
We rollin
Tip toein
On hell's boundaries
We rollin
Tip toein
On hell's boundaries

Verse 2: Hopsin

I didn't step up in this bitch
So i could be sweet hearted
I’m a beast
On top of it
I just got my teeth sharpened
I'mma keep starin' hell
Nigga fuck a plea bargain
I'mma prove it
That you all are pathetic & weak artists
I struggled not to pay any mind to all your negligence
I just kept it in to be humble & I was hesitant
Then you walked all over the game & disrespected it
Now it's only right that I pick up the mic & represent
No need to state that I’m the best
The shit is evident
It’s the nigga who used to have the attention deficit disorder
But I just went & sucked it up & accepted it
I was dumb for thinking that was as good as it ever gets
I left school like to heck with this
Now I’m a menace a verbal killer
I doubt that you wanna step & shit
I slaughter niggaz from the roost
That’s a definite
Don’t be so upset
Because soon we gon' see'em Heaven sent

CH : Hopsin

It ain't that hard
To see that
I'm a beast
You niggaz
Wish you could get with my
Na na Na na
We rollin
Tip toein
On hell's boundaries
We rollin
Tip toein
On hell's boundaries

Verse 3: megrov

Attackin' the game with fervor
Heatin' it like a fever
I clamp into your mind like alligator teeth
Scary mafucka
Rippin' out your feet
I'mma fuckin beast
Tearin up the sheets
You usin to hide from me
Little pussy biach!
Stick a rod up your ass
So you clawed at your ass
To get the rod out your ass
You a fuckin' ass
Stop talkin' shit bout my ass
If you ain' put in work
Stop puttin' in dirt
About the way i do my work
I’m hard like an erection
You soft like a pussy
But I won't fuck with ye
You too damn lazy
It’s a disease to me
Waste my time later to fix me
I’m tryina eat b
Nobody can hold me back
Not even lucifer or hell's army can do that
Cuz I pray five times a day
You know ALLAH'S got my back
I’m a beast like that
Kill the competition
& I’ll be right back

CH : Hopsin

It ain't that hard
To see that
I'm a beast
You niggaz
Wish you could get with my
Na na Na na
We rollin
Tip toein
On hell's boundaries
We rollin
Tip toein
On hell's boundaries