by megrov

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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


megrov be snkrz be rellik
verses tight like a virgin vagina
movement rigid like an erection

fuck nah i don't dance
& i ain a homosexual
i don't wear skinny jeansez mayne

super tight
they lookin like
you faggoty faggots
its shitty how gritty & nitty these mafuckaz behavin
but it's all an act lyk milli vanili
you silly good 4 nuthin cock suckin sonz of bitchez!

i'mma school of piranha's
danger lurks where ever i be
i ain't almighty
but i can fuck u up royally

follow me like we on twitter
you can't go wrong
then walk into me
chillin' in my livin room, baggy pant'z on

five dead mafuccaz hangin from the fan, nude
spinnin' like a carousel
slow & steady blood pattern!
wen i get bored
speed it up quick fast
like a yoyo
say it like kung fu - Yoo! Yoo!
blood spatter pattern lookin' more
madder than
Jackson Pollock art,
wait --
aaah there, i fart!
smells lyk lavender mist, 1950, Number 1!
my rap style'z oh, so Shogun..

i bring da mafuccin madness
i bring da mafuccin madness
i bring da mafuccin madness
i bring da mafuccin madness mayne X2

my raps einstien
unexpected display of genius
& i bring the ruckus
like the wutang clan mayne!

rap style
smacks you like
jumpin' off a buildin'
i go hard like its a final match

other rappers fake like titties after plastic surgery
i'm hella annoyyin like razor burn from a razor blade your gurl used 2 shave her pussy chu chi choo
no wonder them pimplez all over your face make you look like stanky pussy dude!

dis shit's sick
like fuccin an Aid'z infected bitch
havin her periodz
i'm mafuccin serious!

i bring the madness!
so fuck you if you don't like it
you're welcome 2 suck my penis! suck suck my penis, yea!

ma rap game rips up lames
lyk hannibal lecter ripped a face
its a disgrace
the state the rap game's in mayne
at least i got black haze, sain, hiddy & mr. shef codez by my side mayne
its a revival!


my arrival in to the game
while these bitch rappas mayne
thinkin' day steppin up
detrimental to'em like dwayum!

they just 7 up
sweet & bubbly
& get flat quick fast!
no chance they survivin' the whiplash!

open up a listeners mind quick fast like a new mc donaldz
place nightmare-ish visions into they mentals
carnivorous pigeons
eatin' they eyeballs
& shittin out
& breastcicles
blood trickles down they necks
i giggles

don't you get me?
am i a foreign language?
is it so hard?
like it was hard
on the psych ward
that kicked me out
cuz i waz too crazy
pissed off the anger management doc!
dawg, crashed & burned like da world economy!

its ugly like a bitch with ass pimples
face pimples
& butt dimples!

i'm crazy & i bring the madness
wont change like the mind of a rapist
more styles & lyrix than kaafir's & idols
i'm more haram! accept it!



released October 22, 2011
Lyrics: megrov
Production: megrov
Mixing and Mastering: Naimat S. Ahmed -




megrov Piestany, Slovakia

Proud #Slav.🇸🇰#Slovak from Piešťany
#DJ #Eurosceptic #LSNS #Producer #Journalist
Into #Fitness #Tattoos #Books #Guns & #Politics
#Music On Spotify

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